2012 SANY SCC8100

For Sale Price: $589,500


2012 SCC8100 SANY Crawler Crane – 110 US ton
Engine: US Cummins Model QSC8.3 engine, 245 hp/2000rpm, Maximum torque: 935 ft.lbs/1400rpm, Emission standard: Tier Ⅲ, Fuel tank: Volume 106 gal
Control System – CAN Bus system
Hydraulic System – Imported Bosch Rexroth sourced main components
Main, Aux. and Boom Hoist Hydraulic Mechanisms – hydraulic winches w/ self-adjusting wet disc brake, LEBUS designed drums, 24 mm load hoist rope on both drums
Swing System – Hydraulic w/ self-adjusting wet disc brake, free swing and swing lock
Driver’s Cab – Air conditioned lighting for night operation
Counterweights- Self erecting, 64,800lbs upper counterweight and 22,000lbs lower counterweight
Independent Hydraulic Drive; Self-adjusting Travel Brake; 33.5” Crawler Pads; Two Speed Travel
•H – Tube Boom – length 219. 8’ (67m), composition: boom base 21’ 4’ (6.5m), boom insert 9’ 10” (3m) x 1, boom insert 19’ 8” (6m) x 1, boom insert 29’ 6” (9m) x 5, boom tip 21’ 4” (6.5m), and boom tip extension 3’ 9” (1.15m)
•Jib – jib base 14’ 9” (4.5m), jib insert 14’ 9” (4.5m) x 2, jib tip 14’ 9” (4.5m)
110 Ton (100mt) hook block, 88 Ton (80mt) hook block 55 Ton (50mt) hook block, 9.9 Ton (9mt) hook ball
Load Moment Limiter; Over-hoist Limit Device of Main and Auxiliary Hook Blocks; Over Roll-out Limit Device for Main and Auxiliary Hooks; Boom Limit Device; Boom Back-stop Device; Winch Brake; Closed Circuit Camera Monitoring System; Automatic Troubleshooting System; Operational Monitor; Pharos; Anemometer; Lightning Protection Device; Operational Alarms; Function Locking System and numerous other safety features.
•Third Drum – auxiliary 3rd drum