Operated & Maintained

Over 50 years’ experience in the crane and rigging industry

The West Coast’s Premier Provider of Operated & Maintained Cranes and Rigging Solutions

Mr. Crane and Inquipco provide cranes for everything from bare rentals to full-service operated jobs.  Because these businesses support jobs with very different requirements, Mr. Crane and Inquipco are operated separately with teams that are specialists in each area.  This focus on specific kinds of work allows Mr. Crane and Inquipco to deliver the highest levels of service and expertise to all jobs.

Mr. Crane is the West Coast’s premier provider of operated cranes and rigging solutions for the most complicated jobs.  Mr. Crane maintains a specialized fleet of cranes to support large, complex projects.

Mr. Crane is about getting it right…

  • The right planning
  • The right engineering
  • The right safety & training
  • The right equipment
  • The right crew